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about Taylor Barton 

Taylor Barton is a kind and generous soul. At a very early age he expressed an interest in racing. Beginning at the early age of 5 he pursued his dream of being a professional racer by starting on dirt bikes. During the next 22 years he progressed up through the ranks to a touring NASCAR series and earned the nickname of “The Bomber” as he was always very fast. About the same time he began racing he started his personal growth journey with formal classes and he continues to study the works of many masters to this day. Using the tools and techniques he learned from studying personal growth, he was able to excel at every level of life including owning his own NASCAR race team at age 20, starting his anti-bullying foundation and helping to bring awareness and actual change in Las Vegas with respect toward the bullying problem. Taylor was also a spokesperson for the Las Vegas area boys and girls clubs. He has appeared on numerous TV and Radio shows and has spoken at many schools about how to live a great life. At present, he continues to pursue his two passions of racing and helping people get the most out of life by working with Leaving Manureville the fastest way from poop to peace!

about Matisun Barton

Matisun is a Public Speaker, Seminar leader, author and singer/songwriter with more than thirty years experience in the fields of spirituality, personal growth, prayer and meditation. She has performed for television, radio, special events and seminars throughout the US. For many years Matisun produced and hosted her own cable inspirational TV Talk Show.


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