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Jerry Barton is a successful entrepreneur who currently employs 95 people at his Amusement Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the past 35 years, Jerry has studied the teachings of many masters in the field of personal growth. He has helped thousands of people attend personal growth seminars. In addition, Jerry has taught numerous people how to achieve their dreams by improving every area of their lives, including: personal and work relationships, wealth, stress management, ability to manifest what they need and desire, and to achieve the greatest goal imaginable – “HAVING INSTANT PEACE OF MIND!” Leaving Manureville is the compilation of those 35 plus years of training, experience, and actual life practice. This simple manuscript is easy to read and most importantly, easy to implement into your daily life!

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"What is Leaving Manureville & How The Human System Works?"

This game changing breakthrough in personal growth allows you to achieve very fast results that actually stickwith you. For the price of dinner and a movie, and in about the same amount of time it would take to eat that dinner and watch the movie, you can change your life! You will be able to learn in the privacy of your own home, at your own convenience. It doesn’t matter if you have never done any personal growth work or if you have read self-help books, attended personal growth classes, and invested lots of money and time, Leaving Manureville will teach you the REAL “SECRET” to happiness and success! You’ve been TOLD how you’re supposed to feel and act, but once something happens in your life that tests you, it’s as if you didn’t learn anything, and you still don’t have Peace of Mind. That’s because no one has given you a manual that shows how to operate your own self! Leaving Manureville is your manual!

Leaving Manureville & How The Human System Works is the manual you’ve been missing all your life. It will teach you how to have the great life you have always wanted with ease.

Jerry Barton

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the fastest way from poop to peace!