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The Mind Package: $29.95

Leaving Manureville & How The Human System Works

Leaving Manureville - The World - Famous Short Story
• How The Human System Works - A manual that teaches how to operate    your own self
• 1.5 hour webinar from a live event by Jerry, explaining step-by-step
• How The Human System Works
• Over 20 life-changing tools and techniques, learned over 35 years, and    condensed so they are fast, fun, and easy to use in everyday life
• The complete guide to the 4 different personality styles made easy. Vital to    beginning and maintaining fulfilling relationships

The Body Package: $89.00

20 Second Fitness

The Most Efficient Way To Burn Fat & Get In Shape!

• As little as 4 minutes a day
• 16 pounds in 6 weeks was the average weight loss in a clinical study
• Boosts metabolism & builds lean muscle 
• Clinically proven to burn up to 12 times the calories of other workouts

The Soul Package: $11.99

Life In Harmony: Short Meditations For People On The Go

These short meditations were designed to renew the mind and refresh the soul, bringing the listener back to their natural state of wholeness, abundance, peace, and joy. 

• Introduction
• Morning Meditation
• Releasing Fear
• Forgiving Yourself

•You Are Enough
• Forgiving Others
• Relationships
• Vibrant Health

• Abundance
• Peace Pause
• Evening Meditations

Leaving Manureville is an exciting ebook about making decisions based on your happiness and well-being... it gave me the strength, wisdom, and tools I needed to better myself...

Nece "Denisheo Beverly", Age 20

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the fastest way from poop to peace!