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Learn How To:

• Build successful teams
• Truly love yourself
• Have peace of mind
• Minimize negativity
• Create a positive environment
• Increase effectiveness
• Achieve better results
• Get everyone moving in the same direction
• Capitalize on individual strengths
• Improve all areas of your life
• Decrease workplace stress
• Flourish in your career & relationships
• Have a healthier, happier life


Jerry, Matisun, and Taylor Barton have been involved in personal and spiritual growth for many years, studying with numerous Masters in the field of human potential. You and your friends, or co-workers can now have access to the best of what they’ve gleaned from their years of experience. They will share the easiest and fastest techniques to experience personal freedom including the all new Leaving Manureville – How the Human System Works. In addition, you will learn how to let go of stored thoughts, perceptions and feelings that are holding you back and keeping you from having peace of mind and happiness RIGHT NOW. Gather your group and host a “Peace Gathering” in your home or office, and you will have a life changing experience! Feel lighter, happier and more peaceful immediately as you learn techniques to live the life you’ve always desired in just two to three hours. Be your own master and achieve the ultimate goal of peace and happiness with the simple, fast and profound techniques that are presented to you which can be used anytime, anywhere!

“Dear Jerry & Taylor Barton,

I wanted to give you some feedback and an update regarding your inspirational training class “Leaving Manureville”.

Being the Sales Manager for FASCO LV I have attended many seminars and training classes over the years. Most boil down to the same thing, how can I get you excited about your current position in life/work and keep you coming back for more training. Quite honestly I believe that most people who need motivational classes to excel at their current job are just not motivated people.

Your training was significantly different. Straight forward, easy to digest and relatable to the everyday struggles that impact all of us. The main thing that we all got out of your class is about changing the way you allow people, negative situations and just life itself to affect you.

After your class my salesmen and I had a meeting to discuss the impact of the class. Everyone was positive and upbeat. My questions were how long it would last, did it really make a life changing difference for all of us. Well I can tell you that two months later the forwarding addresses that we left after leaving Manureville are still in place.

Plus the additional training we received regarding the four personality types and how to interact with them have paid dividend in our sales numbers. An increase of 10-15% in our gross sales has stayed consistent.

Thank you again for your time and we wish you all the success in the world as you continue to lead the train out of Manureville.”

Jim Toller C.F.S, Sales Manager, FASCO Las Vegas

After Leaving Manureville the things I thought I wanted are clearer, and with this clarity I do truly have what we really want…Peace Of Mind! My life has changed forever!

Tom Rojas, Age 42

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the fastest way from poop to peace!